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Delivered in its very own slinky and very hideable box. Perfect for the office drawer or to fit into your pocket and as it's highly streamlined, it won’t slow your moves while you’re on the go.

What’s in the box?

Your choice to choose between:

Rum & Raisin Fudge - the most fashionable 70s throwback there is, with a moreish blend of comfort flavours


Cherry Bakewell Fudge - a symphony of cherry and almond hints make this Exceedingly Good fudge


After Ate Fudge - Perfect After Dinner Treat! Mint Chocolate Fudge Topped with a Creamy Yogurt Swirl.      


Citrus Spice Fudge - Zesty Clementine Fudge Packed with Warming Spices.


Clotted Cream Fudge - An unmistakeable favourite, traditional delicious crumbly creamy fudge.


Caffe Latte Fudge - Creamy Coffee Flavour, Crafted to take you to Coffee Bliss.


Raspberry Mallow Swirl Fudge - Tangy Sensational Raspberry Rudge, with a Delicate Soft Mallow Swirl.


Sour Cherry Mallow - Sweet but Sour Cherry Mallows Made with a Sprinkling of Real Sour Cherry Pieces.


White Chocolate & Raspberry Mallow - Fluffy Double Layered Raspberry Mallow Topped with Creamy White Chocolate Chips.   


 Raspberry and Orchard Apple Jelly - You asked and we provided. Our Jammy Jelly is Now Available to Satisfy that Soft, Wobbly Jelly Craving.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely little gift for Mother’s Day!

Little treats seem to be the thing during lockdown so this was perfect for elderly Mum who lives far away! I also sent her a handmade card. She loves the product!


What a great find. Gorgeous fudge and marshmallows. Will be sending these treats for birthdays in the future as they fit through the letter box. Favourite so far is the macchiato fudge - heaven! X


Absolutely gorgeous and tasty, loved my package of fudge as I shared it with hubby x

Fudge Review

Execellent, tasty and quality product. Value for money. Good presentation.


I’ve tried quite a few things now (in the interests of science and a proper analysis, you understand..). I really liked the clotted cream fudge, maple fudge, Rocky Road fudge peanut brittle and sour cherry marshmallow. Surprisingly, less keen on the Millionaire fudge. I found the jelly just too sweet and didn’t like the passion fruit coconut ice at all (I usually like quite perfumed confectionery too). But the best things were the chocolate fudge and chocolate butterscotch - hopefully they’ll come round again as they’re not part of the regular flavours.