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A selection of 3 sensational craft flavours in individual packs. Pop in the draw, bank vault or cupboard. Treat yourself, you deserve it and you know it. Check back for new flavours monthly!

What’s in the box?

Your choice to choose between:


Rum & Raisin Fudge - The Most Fashionable 70s Throwback there is, with a Moreish Blend of Comfort Flavours.


Cherry Bakewell Fudge - A Symphony of Cherry and Almond hints make this Exceedingly Good Fudge.


After Ate Fudge - Perfect After Dinner Treat! Mint Chocolate Fudge Topped with a Creamy Yogurt Swirl.      


Citrus Spice Fudge - Zesty Clementine Fudge packed with Warming Spices.


Clotted Cream Fudge - An Unmistakeable Favourite, Traditional Delicious Crumbly Creamy Fudge.


Caffe Latte Fudge - Creamy Coffee Flavour, Crafted to take you to Coffee Bliss.


Raspberry Mallow Swirl Fudge - Tangy Sensational Raspberry Rudge, with a Delicate Soft Mallow Swirl.


Raspberry & Orchard Apple Jelly - You asked and we provided. Our Jammy Jelly is Now Available to Satisfy that Soft, Wobbly Jelly Craving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Theresa Chan

My first time ordering from these guys. My first order wasn’t quite right- but they soon rectified the issue for my. Impeccable customer service.
The after ate fudge is truly scrumptious! So minty and so moorish. You have to stop yourself from eating the entire pack in one go! I’m so fussy with how sweet fudge is usually but these fudges have the balance just right. We loved the latte fudge and the rum and raisin. The flavours are spot on. Highly recommend trying their fudge.
Will be ordering again for gifts. Thanks again.

Christine Houghton
Our secret pleasure

Loved all the flavours we have tried ( and we've tried a few!) but our joint favourite is Rum and Raisin, and Cafe Latte. Gorgeous texture, and amazing flavours, and it pops through the letterbox. What more is there to say! Aside from the fact that it's the best fudge we've ever tasted!

Caroline Ratcliffe
Pick and Mix Fudge

Very well packaged with a good date life on them. Have only tried one of the 3 flavours that i bought so far and it is yummy! Would recommend.

rachel adey

Amazing 🤩

Judy O'Day
3 mix pack

Very good butter fudge. Liked the coffee flavour best but rum-and-raisin and bakewell tart very nice too. Thank you.