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Sometimes, in our obsessive quest for new flavours, we stir up a bigger batch than we intended - and when we do, we'll list them here for you to enjoy!

What’s in the box?

STIRRD Overworks: Box 1

  • Chocolate S'mores Fudge
    Relive happy campfire nights.  Rich, chocolate fudge topped with gooey mallows.

  • Raspberry Meringue Fudge
    With real raspberry pieces - Summer sweetness never tasted so good.

  • Milk Chocolate Butterscotch
    Sweets like they're meant to be - our golden butterscotch is the real deal.

STIRRD Overworks: Box 2

  • Sour Cherry Mallows
    Addictive sourness with a hint of sass.

  • All Butter Fudge
    Our wickedly indulgent classic.

  • Strawberry & Vanilla Coconut Ice
    Delicious soft squares of coconut. Forget the stuff you had at the beach!