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Welcome to the Sweet Life

The STIRRD Sweet Life is an exclusive club for everyone with a passion for the best sweet treats that your tastebuds deserve.

Can’t get enough of our moreish mouthfuls? Then we have just the thing for you, or your very lucky friends and family.

STIRRD Sweet Life is our monthly mission to deliver the finest treats straight through your letterbox. And it doesn’t stop there.

Firstly, as an ongoing subscriber, you’ll get your monthly fix for just £10.99 a month. That’s almost 15% less than our single-purchase price and incredible value for something this delicious. And there’s always free P&P.

In addition, you can enjoy some rather moreish fringe benefits including

  • Exclusive competitions open to Sweet Life members only
  • First release exclusives of all new STIRRD products, including guaranteed availability for our Christmas, Easter & Mother’s Day creations
  • A special thank you gift on your subscription anniversary
  • A carefully chosen special offer from one of our gourmet craft food friends, every quarter

We’ll be adding more tasty ingredients to the STIRRD Sweet Life later this year. Click here to set up a subscription and automatically join in the fun.