With Stirrd you can treat yourself to gourmet, crafted confectionery straight through the letterbox and into the hands of your choice – you, a friend, family, its up to you!

We make fudge, butterscotch, brittle, honeycomb and much more, and cram three incredible creations into our letterbox-friendly box, every month of the year. It’s like Christmas everyday!

Stirrd is the perfect monthly cupboard treat. Life is too short for the same old, boring, uninspiring sweet treats. We’re into PROPER treats. And you deserve it.

Even better - send a little lift, or a thoughtful unique gift that keeps on giving, with one of our subscriptions. Flower fatigue? Sock psychosis? We know. Its tough. They are going to LOVE you for this.

And we PROMISE you’ll never find our freshly made, slowly crafted treats in big nasty shops. They don’t deserve them. This is VIF for VIPs. That’s you.

The Stirrd team have been crafting, boiling and treating for only a short while. At the moment, we make small batches of 3 new recipe treats every month. We call these Stirrd Originals, because they are. One of each goes into our box.

Our recipe magicking is regularly shared on social media and we’ll tell you what’s coming for the month ahead, the week before we make it available. That’s fresh. We can also pop an email into your inbox if you like.

We make small fixed batches each month, and when its gone, its gone.

You can buy Stirrd Originals as a one-off box, a 3 month or 6 month stash (with a one-time, non-recurring payment), or as an ongoing monthly subscription (cancellable any time).

Due to a high level of enquiries, in July 2020 we also launched Stirrd Classics. We have 3 delicious boxes of treats that are now always available. These are timeless flavours and recipes taken to the next quality level.

There’s 3 Stirrd Classics boxes to choose from – Fudge, Mallows & Crunch. Have a look at our Shop page for full details.

You’ve been snooping around haven’t you! These are our additional line-ups were launched late Autumn. 

Stirrd Solo is the perfect pick me up. It’s a single pack of our all-time favourite Salted Caramel Fudge in its very own slinky and very hideable box. We think it fits in the desk drawer – whether that’s at home or in the office – rather well. Its also been designed to fit your pocket and is highly streamlined, so won’t slow your moves whilst you’re on the go ;).

Stirrd Overworks is our secret cupboard of emergency treats where we made just a little too much. As a small business we’d prefer to make fresh confectionery every few weeks. Combining our passion with the best ingredients, we think it’s the way to find the ultimate flavours. Sometimes that means we have a few leftovers and if we do, you’ll find them here.

We ship every Wednesday and in a normal world deliveries take 2-4 days, but we recognise these are challenging times, slowly getting back to normal.

If you order our Stirrd Originals as a one-off purchase, you can choose when you’d like shipment. And if you have any special requests, please drop us a line are hello@areyoustirrd.co.uk and we’ll see if we can help.

We currently ship anywhere in the UK and will extend this to Europe in 2021. We’ll let you know when we do.

Yes you can! You can order in multiple quantities in a single transaction. At the moment these will be delivered to one address, but in the next month or two we’ll enhance your shopping options on the way to the checkout, to make life more flexible and even easier to get treats to wherever you want them. In the meantime you'll need to place separate orders if you want to send to different addresses. If you have a query, drop us a line at hello@areyoustirrd.co.uk.

Not quite, but we are growing the delicious options you have all the time. At the moment, our Originals box is a trio of new treats which are different from month to month, satisfying those with a passion for fresh, crafted & gourmet flavours.

Our Classics boxes give you a range of 3 incredible flavours in 3 different boxes – incredible fudges, soft mallows, or crunchy delights. Classics flavours are available at all times.

If there’s something you’re yearning for, drop us a line – we’ll see if we can add it to a future monthly line-up!

Yes you can! In our monthly Stirrd Originals boxes, you have the opportunity to add a short message which we’ll hand write with pleasure. Even if you send it to yourself! Just enter some words in the prompt box as you purchase on our website.

We’re developing our recipe skills all the time but we’ll never compromise on quality. Most of our products are vegetarian, but our products are made in a place where nuts, milk, soy and sulphites are handled and our recipes may also contain them.

You can find a full list of all allergens and full recipe information on our website. We update this to reflect products available for purchase every month.

Please email us at hello@areyoustirrd.co.uk if you have any queries. We’re about almost all of the time when we’re not inventing, mixing and sneaking a quick taste.

We make all our own products every few weeks and in small batches. That’s our recipe for the proper stuff. We’re based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, which we consider to be the home of English sugar confectionery. The county has a rich history and heritage for sweet treats and our team have over a century of experience between them. Our kitchens are a first-class BRC AA+ food facility as we demand the absolute best.

That’s a good question. In truth, we think we’re in the best place to share our passion and story with you direct from our website and through our social channels. 

We love a good supermarket as much as the next person, but Stirrd was created because we knew there were a lot of people out there completely dissatisfied with the Joe Average ranges some retailers stocked, and we wanted to stay close to you foodie fans. So we chose to sell our product ourselves and keep talking to those that are interested. That way we’ll always keep learning and improving. So, we’ll never be in the big chains. But we can be on your doorstep in a flash.

We love to talk although it has to be said we have our mouths full really quite a lot. Please drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, email us at hello@areyoustirrd.co.uk or if you fancy chewing it over call us on 01423 816659. We’re only a small team but do love a chinwag and want to hear what’s going on.