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About Stirrd

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Why Stirrd?

It's because it's the stirring that makes our confectionery so special. Each batch of fudge, brittle, coconut ice, honeycomb or mallow we make is lovingly stirred by hand. And each month - in our obsessive quest for taste perfection - we stir in unexpected, delicious new flavour combinations for you to enjoy.

Chocolate Sprinkle Fudge

Always new - freshly made every month.

Berries and Clotted Cream Fudge

Crafted confectionery from Yorkshire.

swirl fudge

Birthdays, Anniversaries or Just Becauses.

Obsessive about flavour

The single defining trait of our small Harrogate team is that each and every one of us are dyed in the wool foodies - constantly on the look out for tempting new tastes.

We're inspired by everything from childhood memories to special holidays and great night's out. That's why we've created everything from Spiced Hot Cross Bun Fudge to Sicillian Lemon Coconut Squares and Pink Gin Mallow.

We only ever cook in small batches to guarantee quality and our fudge is still stirred in vast old copper pans, because it tastes properly amazing that way.