Winter Wonderbox

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What’s in the box? 

Six special scrumptious treats, crafted in small batches in very limited quantities just for the Winter season. These goodies won't last long!

Stollen Fudge – wrap yourself in Christmas with this festive fudge, bursting with almond flavours, juicy mixed fruit and a sprinkle of spice.

Burnt Butter Caramels – deliciously decadent, rich, buttery caramels enrobed in thick Belgian milk chocolate.

Blondie S'mores Fudge – swirled with blonde chocolate, biscuit pieces and marshmallows, perfect for toasty fireside treating.

Milk Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb – big golden crunchy nuggets of honeycomb, hand-dipped in Belgian milk chocolate. Addictive.

Milk Chocolate Butterscotch – the irresistible combination of chocolate, caramel & crunch. These disappear fast!

Peppermint Coconut Ice – inspired by peppermint candy canes, our soft, juicy coconut ice is deceptively moreish.

Customer Reviews

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Norma Craig
Enticing box

Bought as gifts so not actually tasted - having a problem resisting as they look great!

Sharon Andrews-Jones
A box of two halves

I LOVED the butterscotch I adored the caramels and I could live on the honeycomb BUT the two fudges were too sickly and not crumbly enough and the coconut ice was a no no flavoured with peppermint it should have been plain or fruity it just didn’t taste right sorry