…to a box of proper sweets through your letterbox.

Handmade. Different every month. 

£11.99 - Free Delivery

Each box of happiness contains: 

1. Proper, handmade, delicious fudge. 

Made properly in old copper pans because it tastes flippin' amazing that way. It's the buttery, good-for-the-soul stuff done the right way.

2. A flavour of the month fudge. 

Our full-on flavour combinations change with the seasons. From zingy Sicilian Lemon in July to spiced Minced Pie in December, it's melt-in-the-mouth goodness you won't find elsewhere. 

3. And another Stirrd treat. 

Milk chocolate coated butterscotch, honeycomb or peanut brittle? Gourmet mallows or juicy coconut squares? Order your box of STIRRD to find out! 

How it works

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Choose from 1 box, 3 boxes or 6 boxes (delivered monthly)

Sit tight

Dive in...

We post your letterbox-friendly box on Wednesdays every week.
If you order 3 or 6 boxes, these will be sent monthly after that.

...to 3 individual packs of freshly made, melt-in-the-mouth treats.

In the media



"Literally love this fudge"

"Bloody hell is it good!! Trying to save some for my sister when she gets home but it's a struggle!"

"The fudge is unreal. Like really THE BEST I've had!"